Motuweb Design Portfolio

Here are some examples of websites I have built.

For professionals who understand the benefits of updating their site regularly, or for organisations which need to communicate with a range of stakeholders, I recommend WordPress sites.

For small businesses which require an inexpensive online brochure which only gets modified occasionally, the best choice is plain old semantic HTML (POSH).

WordPress Sites


Ann Russell is an author of children’s books. Her previous website had become badly outdated, and she wanted to be able to make updates herself. Ann was refered to me by a previous client.

Client feedback: “Thanks for your hard work. I am really happy with the new website. It is light, bright, tight, welcoming and strong.


The Long Bay – Okura Great Park Society is a local organisation which works to preserve and enhance one of Auckland’s best areas of parkland, near to where I live.

This is re-build of an existing website. I added features to allow members to join and renew their subscriptions online, and to make communication simple for the executive.


This was an existing site on a .com domain where the developer had disappeared. The original theme used thousands of lines of code spread over 43 different files and totaling 130KB, which would have made maintainence a nightmare. My version of the theme is less than 20KB and uses only seven files.

The site features the NextGEN gallery plugin, for which I made a custom template.

Search Engine Optimisation was important to the customer, and I am proud that searches like “slate roof tiles nz” and “clay roof tiles nz” rank the site at or near the top of search results.

Māori Law Review home page

Reputedly the world’s first on-line law journal, this publication’s original website was built in the 1990’s and urgently needed a major overhaul. In 2012 my daughter Judith and I imported all the content into a new WordPress site.

While some material is available to all visitors, most of the articles are only accessible to subscribers, who register and pay online via PayPal.

We faced the challenge of allowing automatic log-in for users at universities, government departments, and big institutions who purchase a site license. After some experimentation showed the way forward, we hired a developer to make a Plug-in to do this. This is the first WordPress site to allow this functionality, to my knowledge. home page

Employment Advocate was built to promote David Flaws’ advocacy service. Logo is by brother Fane Flaws.

Client feedback: “You should be proud of the design – it is lovely and clean, it is fast and there is no clutter. People are continuing to send me congratulatory emails, and much of the credit rightly belongs to you. Please feel free to refer people to me for glowing testimonials, both as to your product and to your communication skills and patience in working to produce it. I have really enjoyed the process of working with you.” home page

Charles Fishman is a psychiatrist, specialising in Family Therapy, Adolescents and Eating Disorders. He is the author of a number of books, offers training and supervision to clinicians, and is engaged in long-term research on the effectiveness of eating disorder treatment.

Ross Blakely did the visual design for this site.

NZ Eating Disorder Clinic home page

Dr Fishman has opened an Eating Disorder Clinic in Auckland and, encouraged by responses to his previous website, is evaluating Google Adwords as a way of promoting his clinical services.

menz home page

MENZ Issues is an unmoderated news & discussion forum, “promoting a clearer understanding of men’s experience”.

Built for a voluntary community organisation, MENZ has over 270 registered authors and incorporates an automatic mailing list system for email subscribers. The site has received more than 35,000 comments from the general public.

Because of the subject matter, many of the contributors are highly impassioned and some are inclined to be abusive at times, like any other public internet forum of this nature. While there is no editorial control over what gets published (apart from a couple of users who are banned), I always respond to complaints as quickly as possible by removing offensive material.

POSH (Static HTML) Sites home page

Greenstone Family Clinic is a general medical practice in Manurewa, South Auckland.

They are keen to advertise their sleep clinic and student electives on the web, as well as provide general information for prospective patients.