Website Updates by Motuweb Design

Publish yourself using WordPress as a Content Management System

If clients want to update their site regularly (highly recommended), or have Web2 features such as comments and discussion by site visitors, I install and maintain WordPress for them, customised to their specific requirements. If you have enough computer skills to send an e-mail, you should have no trouble learning to publish web pages using WordPress.

Updates by me

If a site is intended to be updated less than once a month, and does not require interactive features, it will be more economical to build a POSH site and pay me to add any new material.

Support and Tuition

If you have a website made by someone else, and are not happy with the service you are receiving, I’m happy to have a look and see if I can sort things out for you.

If you have an existing WordPress site, I can modify your theme, install plugins, provide tuition on how to use some of the more advanced features, and help troubleshoot errors.

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