WordPress development, support and instruction


If you intend to update your website frequently, or just enjoy playing with computer software, my advice will be to install WordPress, which will allow you to publish articles on the web yourself. Since 2011, approximately 25% of ALL websites have been published using WordPress as a content management system (CMS).

Advantages of WordPress:

  • easy to learn
  • allows interaction with visitors
  • built-in RSS feeds
  • hundreds of “add ons” (plugins) for extra functionality

While the learning curve is fairly shallow at the beginning, it is extremely long, and gets increasingly steep. New features are constantly being introduced, and the huge range of third-party plugins is always expanding.

I’ve been using WordPress since it was just a year old. Here’s my first WordPress Post in July 2004 using version 1.2 “Charles Mingus”.

WordPress Support

If you want to learn about the more advanced features of WordPress, I offer one-to-one tuition, either at your computer or via Skype. Typically, my clients see me once or twice in person, so that I can make sure everything is working correctly, then subsequent interaction is online. I can be logged in to the WordPress installation at the same time as you, watching the changes you make.

Customised WordPress Themes

While there are thousands of free and paid themes available for WordPress, business sites often need a theme built to their own specifications. My customised themes are light-weight and fast compared to many, because they only include the features my client needs.

If your site is already using a free theme, I can assist with modifications by creating a Child Theme.

WordPress Repair

If you are running your own WordPress installation, the time will inevitably come when you break something and the site crashes. If you need assistance tracking the problem down; I can help because I’ve probably done it myself!