WordPress Tuition

WordPress Beginners

Need help with using WordPress? A few tips from an expert when you are starting out can save hours of experimentation.

  • I will visit your office if required
  • You can visit me in Albany
  • We can talk via Skype

How to make great WordPress Posts

Page titles need careful thought, because they are probably the single biggest influence on your website search results. If the Permalink of your page has numbers instead of your page title, or has a -1 or -2 at the end, I can show you how to fix this. WordPress is great at displaying human readable URLs that work well with search engines; provided the settings are properly configured.

Writing for the web is different from than for print; users seldom read more than a small percentage of what you write. Instead they scan pages quickly, trying to quickly zero in on the specific information they are seeking. Key words should be on the left, and HTML heading tags should be used properly.

Mistakes to Avoid with WordPress

WordPress gives you the power to change almost every aspect of how it works, which is great if you know what you are doing. It also allows an inexperienced administrator to break thing spectacularly. It is well worth learning:

  • Why you should never use the built-in file editor to modify your theme or plugins
  • Why you shouldn’t use the ‘Visual Editor’ to write Posts
  • Which Plugins and Widgets will slow your site down
  • How to properly prepare images before uploading

Adding features to WordPress

Adding bells and whistles to your site is easy with WordPress. You just have to know whether you need a modification to your theme, the addition of a new widget, or the installation of a plugin.

All plugins are not equal; many are great, some are useless, a few are dangerous. Plugin authors regularly loose their commitment and stop supporting and updating their code. Evaluation of potential new plugins should be done carefully. If your site has high traffic, the performance impact should be measured.

I am happy to discuss your needs and recommend plugins I know don’t cause problems. If you get error messages on installation; I can probably tell you what to ask your web server administrator.